Main screen dissapears

Hi, I’ve made a normal main screen for game and have pause menu in scenes, and trying the game and pause menu with gdevelop all works fine, but in device when I touch “go to main menu” it goes for just one instant and then goes to level 1 by itself:

this is pause events:

And this is main scene events:

What am I doing wrong? cause the other options works well even in device

Can you change your GDevelop language, screenshot and then show



So you want to pause your scene?

You will get a lot of tutorial if you search for

those tutorials are not working for me cause not showing the way I need to do it, I saw them before.

One of them doesn’t have "go to main menu"option.

Other just use “go back to previous scene” to go main menu but what if im in scene 9? is not taking me back to main.

And other just shows how to keep playing or quit the game :frowning:

I know my problem is simple, and made a fix and packed, will see if works

You should use those tricks to make pause menu and make your own button
and make an event telling if cursor or touch is on menu_btn
change scene to menu