Make a character walk back into a previous scene? (Platformer)

Hello, I was just wondering how I can make a character walk back into a scene without reloading it entirely. To be specific I can start my player in the center of scene 1, make him walk into scene 2, but when I walk back the entire scene resets. I have a feeling it has to do with variables and such, but my understanding of those is pretty limited. I have it currently set up so my character triggers a collision on an object by jumping into it and switching scenes using the pause scene feature. But trying to go back into scene 1 spits me out into scene 2.

Thank you

Edit: Fixed it to only make the screen switch trigger once.

Hi, I think it will work using the two actions below.

In Scene 1, add this action

Enter “Scene 2 or the name of your specified scene” in the blank.

Now In Scene 2, add this action


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Okay, so I really should have been more clear on my issue, and should have clarified in my last post. I’ve coded it so that my character jumps off-screen when they need to switch scenes. But trying to go back into scene 1 spits me out into scene 2 again.

Maybe it has something to do with the jump-off screen event.

for example

You just got back into scene 1 from scene 2, and then in your scene 1, you have an event like if Y position of Player is (Value), then go to scene 2.

Probably the position of your character in scene 1 have met the conditions above that’s why it’s spitting you back to scene 2.