Make a smooth scene transition

For example on games like Castlevania 2 when you reach the end of a screen the map slides to the next screen. Would I need to do like a screen grab and then a camera trick on the next scene? Or should I just run the whole game as one giant scene? Is there a command to zoom one scene out in a direction and zoom the next in?

You could get close to that effect by sliding one scene out to the right, then changing scene, and have the new scene sliding in from the left (or right, depending on what you’re after). The only drawback is that there might be a second where the screen goes blank but if you have a black background it should look like a fairly smooth transition. In other words you can use certain style of transition where the screen going blank for a moment is a part of the transition.

I dont think there are any built in transition effects from scene to scene in GD? Wouldn’t recommend running the game as one giant scene, unless it’s a small game where you could manage things fairly easily because there aren’t too many events.

Would that be a camera move before transitioning?

Yes, or you add all objects that can be seen at the end of a scene in an object group and give them Add a force.

I wonder if you could set up the backgrounds in a sprite with different animations for each background, and put that as the background for each scene.

Then create an additional sprite that remains hidden until you reach the exit point, then slide it over the screen while changing the background animation.

I don’t know how it would all look, just exploring some ideas…