Make an object immune to ligthing?

Is there a way i can make the interact text immune to dynamic and ambient lighting?

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-09-19 194748

I know that you can add the object on a layer that’s on top of a lighting layer in order to do that which i’m using it for my UI. The problem here is that since i have a camera i can’t just put the text object on a different layer because it just acts like UI instead of staying in place.

You can duplicate the camara action and select the new layer in it.

Works good so far but it’s having a problem with the lerp camera. The interact prompt is “wobbly” when the character is moving.

I tried to change the lerp value to 0 but that changed it’s spawn location.

Tried not adding the lerp command at all but instead centering the camera on player but that just didn’t spawn the interact icon at all when called.

I do kinda like the wobbly effect though as it adds a bit of a flair since i also now changed the interact text to a talk icon. But still would appreciate a way to get rid of the wobble.