Make an object not reappering after picking it

I’ve this Idea, I do want to place 3 different objects at different places which are using the same animation, and when you collect one of them the sprites of the others get changed to the second animation, and so on till they pick all of the 3 objects. Is it possible to make a system like this?

If you are just asking if this is possible, yes this is possible :slight_smile:

This is a way you could do it:
Create a group and add all the objects you want with the same animations in that group.
Then create these events:

Very simple but effective, altho there are probably better ways.
Good luck!

Thank you for your response, but with this method the objects picked previously turn back after rejoying the level

This depends on how you leave and go back to this scene, I would recommend a saving system.

But you can also pause the current scene and go back to it from a different one.

Scene Extension [GDevelop wiki] If you want to switch to a new scene without stopping the current scene, you can use the “Pause and start a new scene” action. You can later switch back to the scene and continue it from the paused state.