Make behavior properties public

It would be nice if we had the option to make behavior properties public.

Right now, I am creating getters and setters for those properties. But I counted at least 16 different operations (clicking, typing…) to create each, which is tedious and prone to make errors…

An option to make them accessible in the “Behaviour properties” panel would be super useful !

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I would definitely use extension more if they were more user friendly. They require too much setup and the setting aren’t centralized.

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Hello y’all,

I’d like to know what are you building and what are the behaviors that you’re using.
I am asking because “hiding” some of those properties from the user is by interaction choice (with the objective of not overwhelming a beginner), but I am interested on your case to learn from other kind of needs from which we’re not aware yet.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’ll try to give more information.

It is for costum behaviors I have created. Here is the prototype : JupiterDive | Play on
All the blocks you see on the right side of the screen are different objects which do diffirent things. But they have in common a custom behavior called “ShipBlock”, which handles heat transfer and defines some physical properties such as “Temperature”, “Thermal Conductivity”, “Mass”…

Among other things, when those blocks touch each other, they exchange their heat. To do so, they need to query what is temperature and thermal conductivity of each of their neighbour, do some computation, and decide how much heat they give or take.

To do so, I had to define a number of getters (which return the property value) and setters (which change the property to a new value)

I also use a these getters a lot to write flexible info reports over each of these objects.
In this example I had to use 3 getters : GetName, GetTemperature and GetJoules, which simply return the property value. The reason why I prefer to get these raw data values from the behavior rather than the full text screen, is that I’d like to keep UI design separate from the game physics in terms of code. For example, it is very likely that I will write a detailed info panel somewhere, write the total mass of the ship…

But as I explained earlier, creating these getters and setters take more than 15 operations each, which is tedious and are as many risks of making errors. So my proposition would be to add a 3rd option on the “Behavior properties” panel, which could be “Visible in Evensheet

I hope that it helped to explain my use case !