Make extra bullets in the magazine after a critical hit, using Fire Bullet extension

How do I…

Make bullets “appear” in the magazine after a critical hit. Here’s the subevent I created in the critical hit, the critical hit works, the bullet counter gets updated whenever I crit, but I can’t make the weapon itself have the extra bullets. I’m using the Fire Bullet Extension.

There are 2 objects showing with the fire behavior. Which one do you want bullets added to? If that’s not the issue then is the weapon setup to auto reload? How about the max quantity, is it being exceeded? A screenshot(s) of the fire bullet behavior might help.

If I understood correctly, you want to add to the current number of bullets before the next reload, which there isn’t an action to do this built in the extension atm.

Unless you can add your own action to the extension or find a way to change the extension’s variable (which I don’t know how), a workaround would be to create a hidden object that follows the player and has its own FireBullet extension with unlimited ammo, and when the player crits, it fires instead of the player. You’ll get the same outcome since the ammo quantity wont be subtracted. You’d also need to use a timer to adjust for the firing cooldown.

Ah, yes, please ignore the Gauss weapon. The rifle is the one that needs the bullets to be added to. The weapon auto reload when it reaches 0. The max quantity is being exceeded at the moment in the counter, but it does not reflect to the amount of bullets I can fire, for example, the basic shots fired before reload is 20, I activate the counter let’s say 5 times in 15 bullets, so it should fire 25 times before reloading, but in fact it’s only firing the standard 20 times.

What is the max ammo set to? Maybe it’s exceeding it’s capacity.