Make more than one enemies attack at the same time

I been trying to make cannons shoot at the same time, but when I put two of them, it only shoots one of them, could anyone give me some advise on how to make it work please?

Usually when events affect only one object you need a for each object event

So I need to make multiple cannons?

You need to use an object timer instead of a scene timer.

Still only working with one of them T-T
Maybe its the position from where I spawn them Cannon.X() I dont know how to attach every bullet to thier respective cannon without having to make another canon with a different name.

The event is still inside a for each, yes?
The object-related condition identifies one cannon and applies the actions to that cannon, so you shouldn’t need to attach the bullets if their actions are in the same block.
Otherwise, you use the Link instructions to attach objects to others.

Check in the debugger how many instances of cannonballs you have.

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ITS WORKING, thank you for the help, ur the best man, luv u!!!

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