Make player go through the inclined platform - not jumpthrough object

I have two platforms, one horizontal and one inclined at 45 degrees. I will show you an image below.

While the player is on the bottom horizontal platform, I want it to go through the inclined platform without landing or being affected by the inclined platform. But when the up arrow key is pressed when the player is at the bottom of the inclined platform, I want the player to land on the inclined platform and move all the way to the top. Is there any way to achieve this?

Something like this might be helpful:

When the up key isn’t pressed the line can be passed through, when the up key is pressed the line becomes a solid and the player/ball can move up it. Note that this also requires using a custom collision mask on the line object. Unfortunately this basic program only works if the up key is held down, I’m sure you can find a way to fix that though.

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Thanks for your response. Actually, I did it this way.

Awesome, looks good to me!

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