Make something happen when button clicked but not when held

I am attempting to make a 2D platformer. An issue I am having is that a player with the platformerCharacter behaviour keeps jumping when the jump button is held. I would prefer it to happen when the jump button is clicked and then only happen again after it is released and clicked again but this seems unable to happen as there is seemingly no way to adjust this within the platformerCharacter behaviour.

A second similar issue I have: I have tried to create a “cartwheel” attack move similar to Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country. While I have been mostly successful, an issue I have is that this only happens when the button (g) is HELD, not when it is clicked, so if the player just clicks the g button, nothing happens. Additionally, because of the scripting in which I gave the condition ‘Is On Floor’, ‘trigger once’ and ‘g button pressed’ for the animation to occur, the cartwheel only happens once when pressed however if the G Button is Held and the character moves to a different floor (goes down from a Platform to another platform), then the cartwheel occurs again because the ‘Is On Floor’ condition has been stopped and returned again. Once again, it would be really good if there was a condition available in which something happens once after a button is clicked and happens again only after the button is released and clicked again. I would appreciate any help.

I would use a variable if I were you. Something like this:

When jumping and jumpCount = 0:
Trigger Once
Change the variable jumpCount += 1

If on floor and jump button not held:
Change the variable jumpCount = 0

Something like that should work.