make the player fall through platforms

I’ve been trying this editor for some days and I’m really impressed. Congratulations to everyone who have worked in it.
I have a question, though. I’m looking at the platformer tutorial and I’m wondering if is there a way to make the player fall through some platforms pressing down and jump button. I can’t find an action in the player or platform allowing to do that.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

No one has ever tried this?
Or is it too ovbious/simple and I haven’t seen it yet?
I really need some help to make it work. My intention is to use gdevelop to rebuild a prototype I made some years ago.
You can try it yourselves.!Ll1QwRKa!is8VB7GID … rw6_vRFh9A
For now it’s going very well, except for this issue I’ve posted.

Just deactivate the platform automatism (of the platform), then reactivate it when the player is under (not colliding with) the platform :slight_smile: (5.71 KB)
Note that the Player collision mask is smaller than the image, to check the pixel perfect collision (check the collision with masks is not a good idea with the Platform automatism).

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Thank you very much!
It works, but my problem is that the classic mechanic implies that the user should press the jump key while the down key is pressed. If I try it with any other key, it works, but using the jump key the player tries to jump as soon as the platformer automatism is reactivated.
I’m thinking about controlling the jump function with a variable, but I wonder if there’s something simpler than that.

Again, thanks for your help.