making a Rhythm game! Need some help

So I started developing a rhythm game in gdevelop. So far so good.
I implemented a mechanic to

  1. spawn a timer-check sprite object at the right side of the screen when the timer is equal to a value. The timer chech object’s Y value varies depending on wether it is type A B or C.
  2. move the timer-check object right to left on the screen.
  3. When the player hits a button, a hitbox object is created temporarily - that lines up on Y value with the timer-check object.
  4. If the player hits another button, the hitbox object is created higher on the screen - for timer-check sprite B that has a different Y value.
  5. Create a timing offset based on screen width and timer check object speed - so as to create the object based on it’s speed on the screen - so as it arrives to the hitbox object just when the timer is equal to a precise value.

Now that all this is in check, I need to do the following (help appreciated!):

  1. Load a json file to memory (transfer json structure to variables) - the json object will contain the times to trigger the spawn of a timer-check object.
    (need help - any examples out there?)

  2. Figure out the timing of beats in a song and write it manually to the jason file. Here is a paper that I found online: … ythm-game/

  3. Reuse logic on different sprites and different songs. In this case I really hope gdevelop gets the “Functions” feature in html5 games, because my game is in html5 and targeted to web/android.

  4. Do what I do best and dress up the game in fun graphics

In any case,