Making a updater

Ok I am able to download a file from a website, compare my variables and download other files if my game version variables don’t match. But my question is when downloading files, is their a way to know the percentage completed? I know I can set events based on if its completed, but some kind of status bar would be needed.
I am assuming I will basically have to create a separate “game” which is just a upgrader in a different folder. This way when the actual game detects a upgrade, I would call the upgrader and close the game to run the updater and when finished close that and open game.
Also, already had Norton detect my testing and block my game.exe. Took me a short bit fixing it, but I’s sure this may become a issue with others doing a update. Any workaround for this or is it just because theirs not enough instances of this happening in the wild to tell Norton its safe?