Making complex games

Hello guys, I know my question might look weird but can a game like injustice be made with gdevelop

GDevelop is a 2d engine…

Yeah I know but it has options of 3d boxes

3d boxes has never been in GDevelop 5, only GD4 which was dropped from support years ago. Even in GD4 you are not going to make a 3D game like Injustice.

If you mean a fighting game, you could make something lile Marvel vs Capcom 1. You cannot make something like MvC3 or Injustice, no.


Thanks a lot
I just thought it doable with gdevelop

But shadow fight can b made with it

injustice plays like a 2d fighter, and that is totally possible.
Everything 2d is possible.


Yeah, so injustice can b made in form of full 2d on gdevelop, that will be nice

you could even fake a 3d look, by rendering all animations from a model in a 3d rendering software, like C4D or blender. but that would make the game much bigger, then it needs to be.

i never played injustice, so idk if theres something special about it, that would be difficult to make in GD. to me it just looks like any other traditional 2d fighter.

But i suggest not try to make a 2d copy of it, because,
1: it would take you probably years to make, if you work alone and actually get that far.
2: making fighting games is not that easy. getting the knock back right, the right amount of damage, the balancing of the chars, the hit-boxes and combo strings and ther transitions.
Everything is doable, but not easy.
3: you have no copyright to any of it, so you cannot publish the game.
all that work would be just for personal use.

Lol…Am not actually making a game about injustice just wanted to know if it possible

My 2 cents: Injustice is not 3D, neither 2D. It is what people call 2.5D (movements like in a 2D game, but with 3D graphics). But I guess the question was not exactly about this anyways. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I guess you can do it, if you go for flat 2D. You will need to study game development techniques and, of course, how to use GDevelop.

Like @slash said, fighting games are a difficult challenge, but think of ways you could change the fight mechanics to make implementation easier.

Start with something simple and playable, get feedback from family, friends, and this community here for every version. Then you will figure out the way forward as your game evolves.

Thanks a lot for ur response, am not making a fighting game yet… Just want to know if it possible so I can know and assure I can make something like that with gd5 probably in the future

@Slash Not everything 2D is doable.
Classic two-player Sonic game cannot be made, for instance.

the multiple camera ports, or the lack of it, right.