Making My First Multiplayer Game (AD-HDevlog)

Welcome to my first post in the AD-HDevlog.

This week I have been working on a multi-player Rock Paper Scissors Game using firebase as the server to host player data. This Project was really fun to do, every Player has their own Sprite and when something is happening to the player it is written to the server, each player’s game is constantly reading the other players information from the database.

Apart from the whole Multiplayer aspect I really love this game I am calling it Roshambo Royale, Roshambo is another name for Rock Paper Scissors. Fun Fact, The name Roshambo is a general George Washington worked with. This game was only made in a Week regardless, I Really loved how this game turned out. Below is a playable link for Roshambo Royale.
You can play it Here
Buy the template while its on sale!