Hey guys, I REALLY need some help. I’m creating a game for a class project and have no experience with coding or programming. The game has to be based on the city of Richmond, VA. It needs to be historically and culturally relevant. PLEASE HELP ME!!! i have no idea where to begin…
I have two ideas for the game.
The main screen is a map of Richmond with multiple points. When the player clicks on a point they are asked a multiple choice question or another page opens up with some kind of content (video, image, fact, etc.) Once the content is viewed or the question is answered, they are informed of the correct answer and awarded points for the right answer. They win once they reach a certain number of points or complete the whole map.
The other idea is an adventure type game where the player is shown the map, and when they click on a poins they are transported to a level (kinda like Super Mario) that resembles the city, where they battle enemies and answer trivia to complete the level.
I’ve never done anything like this before and would really, really appreciate any and all help I could get on this project. Thank you guys sooo much.
Here is a link to the map image I’d like to use: … =760%2C295

Well, create a game is hard work. I do not know any code too! :stuck_out_tongue:
Gdevelop helped me a lot with that. So, the first thing is to crate a game is not using a tool, but write the project, the game mechanics and the game play.

After that, you need to create all graphics, so, you can go to a game engine( gdevelop).

with Gdevelop is possible to create your kind of game, but it’s not an easy job. I can not help you too much because I am really busy with the projects we have here. I suggest search the forum and …well, I have an adventure prototype I was creating. I’ll send it to you, so you can try to understand my steps. That’s the best way I can help you now…

I know that this not exactly what you want, but it’is a point and click project, and you’ll need that kind of “logical” to navigate the map and click on quizzes.

The link: