max background resolution?

Hi guys,
sorry for the noob question but couldn’t find it here or the manual.
When I try to import a big sprite with the intention of setting it up as a background I get no result.
Is there a max siz for sprite import?
I tried setting the z order with no positive results…

It depends on the graphics card, but to ensure that images will be displayed properly, you should avoid images bigger than 1024*1024 ( Split your background into smaller images if necessary ).

I was using a 800x600 sprite. My card is pretty old so that must be the case.
I’ll try smaller resolutions and let you know.

Also, be sure to use a supported image format like PNG ( or JPEG, but be sure not to use any fance options like progressive JPG ). :slight_smile:

Why do images larger than 1024 x 1024 cause problems?