Max Number of Scenes?

what is the maximum number of scenes in GDevelop?

In theory there is no limit, but lately there’s been reports of game performance dropping with switching to a lot of scenes.
I would suggest you try external layouts, which are great for making many levels.


ok, thank you for letting me know

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Humm that seems interesting to me too! How would you set that up? There is only code for External Events…By preparing the new level in the Main Scene and moving the camera position or is there another way?

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I apologize - I’m actually referring to external layouts.
External events are that, just events.
it supplements external layouts, like reusing the code for multiple levels of a game or even when you want a specific level have a specific cutscene or something else unique to it, that you don’t want to share code with rest of the game.

Just to chime in on this, the recent revival of “many scenes causing performance issues” was related to an extension not releasing memory, unrelated to actual scene count.

I’ve tested projects with 80+ scenes on an older Windows 7 laptop without any issues. As with everything in game development, it’s going to be up to you on how well you are managing your events/assets/etc.

Using an external layout and just loading new layouts into the same scene would have the above caveat as well.

@reina and @Silver-Streak
Thank you guys for your answers, I didn’t even realise those External Layout existed! So I guess I learned something that could become interesting at some point!!


Thank you all for your answers