Megaman like run and shoot animation does not work

hey guys,

in the attached example the shoot animation is frozen … is there any way to solve this ???


Thanks for providing a scene zip. I can open it and run the scene, it took me a bit of understanding but I get your problem: when you hold z and run the player stays stuck in the first frame of the run-shoot animation.

This is the problem:

What happens when the player is on the floor, running and shooting is that every frame the player_skin animation is set first to run and then set to run_shoot. What this means is that every frame the animation is reset.

This is the solution:

By only setting the animation when the player is explicitly not shooting the animation is allowed to play properly.

Hope this helps!

thank you for your fast reply…

but, is that I was wanting to fire the shot by pressing the z key and not leaving it pressed …

If you keep pressing the z key, the frame is still frozen.

thank you so much…

I wasn’t sure what you meant so I created a short screen-capture to show what I see: frozen animation help - YouTube

Hello, I Have a tutorial that can help you in the creation of the shoot animation. I hope it is useful.

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first, thanks again…

I’m wanting to press the z key, then release the z key, then press it again … so that one shot comes out at a time. so if you press the z key, release it, press z again, release it again … and doing it really fast, you notice that the animation is frozen, (run shooter mode). I want to do the shooting mechanics like the link below.