Menu problem! jump directly from moveset page to main menu?

At the beginning of the game there are menu, option, etc… In my game you can go to moveset page from options. but when you go back hitting Esc you directly come to main menu after seeing glance of options page. it’s like “since you had press Esc and it is also “going back” button on option page, so it takes you back to main menu after going to option screen”. how to fix this problem? how can i upload a test project

There is an “Upload attachment” button under the writing area (while you write a post). Please send a basic project that replicates the problem, and some resources if needed (inside a compressed file) :slight_smile:

where and how to upload the project file

Here :slight_smile:

here it is
DM Menu screen.rar (1.59 MB)

For me it works when you press escape it goes back to option tried several times always same.

It depends of the speed at wich your machine loads the scenes, and how long you hold the Escape key.

I notice that if you hold the key until the Options scene is loaded, it will take the key as pressed again and go back to the main menu. This happens because the “Trigger once” condition works just for one scene at a time, I think, so we can’t do much about that.
But you can use a helper variable “CanReturn”, make it = 0 by default. When the escape key is NOT pressed, do “CanReturn” = 1, then check if “CanReturn” is = 1 to return to the main menu. It forces the player to don’t press escape for at least one frame, preventing the hold-escape :slight_smile:

[code]Conditions: At the beginning of the scene
Actions: Do = 0 to variable “CanReturn”

Condition: Escape key is NOT pressed
Actions: Do = 1 to variable “CanReturn”

Conditions: Escape key is pressed
Variable “CanReturn” is = 1
Trigger once //Maybe not needed
Actions: Go to scene “Menu”[/code]

how about start a timer at the beginning of the scene. and after that enable going back.

Sure! It’s your game, and it’s just a difference of design, your solution is even simpler! :smiley: