Mixing of sounds

Is is correct if two or more sound files are played at the same time. This idea came to me when I thought of playing two music files on a program on my PC. All I want to know is that what effect will it have on the hardware and software. Is it safe to mix sounds like this.

I’m yet to implement music/sounds into my game, but I believe this is a very common scenario, considering most games will have music playing in the background, and then sounds on top of that (for collisions, picking up items, etc.). So I don’t think there’d be any issues playing two audio files at once…


Just to add onto BWPanda’s reply. If you’re using the Play a Sound on a Channel action you can’t have 2 different sounds running on the same channel at the same time UNLESS you want to cut off the first sound with the second sound.


Thank you for your replies.
I had sounds in one of my games but I removed them because of the above reason and also the sounds mixed in a bad way. I know about stop a sound action which is available for a channel which also made me think about this. I am still not convinced about this so I will play only one sound file like a song in my games. I don’t know if it is the operating system’s responsibility to play two sound files simultaneously or if it is a bug.

I could not find much on the internet about this. I read a few answers on the internet and thought that it is not a bug.