mobile and HTML5 games are very laggy and graphical bugs

-Even if i use a little bit of objects at low resolution and a little bit of events the game is very laggy, its the worst bug…
-Many times the graphics gets bugs like that

Well it depends. I have similar problem on my phone and old pc, but on a newer pc it is smooth.
The html 5 engine uses webgl, and probably load all images as textures, so the size of your images shouldn’t be too big.

I think you can leave 1-2 transparent pixels along the image border to fix the glitch in your pictures. Just curious, can you post the original images you are using?

yep there is the image that gets the issue

the lag is a big problem because not everybody has a good phone so if i want to sell a game or something it will be more difficult

This (leaving 1 pixel space) seems to have fix the problem.


Also, you can hack the javascript to make the renderer round the pixels. This also fixes the problem.

Find pixi-renderers\runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js in your output directory (or in your gd install directory JsPlatform\Runtime\pixi-renderers).

Change line 36 to this:

    this._pixiRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(this._game.getDefaultWidth(), this._game.getDefaultHeight(), {roundPixels:true});