Mobile Game: Devil's Warcode: Ela's Rebellion

Hi, I worked 9 days in this casual mobile game. The main idea It’s to gain some money in order to continue the development of my big game project EVO which is also developed in GD but will be a native game ^_^.

The Story lines will have conexion between both games EVO and Pixel Wars but I’m going to reveal this conexion until EVO is in a more advanced stage of development.

I recently upload it to Play Store but was suspended for violate the “Impersonation” policy which is I don’t know how it violates it :confused: so I sent a reply and I’m wating their final answer. :neutral_face:

Meanwhile… I wanted to share the game here in the forum in order to get some feedback ^_^.

Main idea

I want to update the game constantly adding improvements and new features in order to keep a new and fresh feeling on the game using only intuitive inputs with a story line that will link events in my other game. Also I wanted to keep the game features simple to program in order to advance in my main game.


SGT. Ela Aka SGT Pixel is a “mobile virus” (kinda crazy by the way) that was borred so she infected the pixels in the players screen in order to have some fun. You should try to keep alive the pixel who’s not infected.

Actually on game:

-2 modes: Survival and defense
-Stat leveling system
-2 unlockable Power Ups

Fetures for next Update:

-Defense mode improvement: you will be able to purchase (in game currency) some “walls” to make more difficult for the infected pixels to reach you. (I’ll add a tile editor thingy)

-New mode that will reveal more story plot

-Support for web platform

More updates in future:

-Customization of the Pixel you use and more.

You can play it online in Game Jolt:

Here are some improvements that I made to the game :slight_smile:

I Balanced the prices in store and implemented 50% of the defense mode. Now you can buy (in-game) some walls in order to help you survive more indefense mode.

For now there are only 2 types of walls but I’ll add more in the future.

as always leave me a comment if you have some feedback it helps me a lot.

You can test it here:

Hi, I tested this out and have some comments:

You really need a sound/music on/off button!
You should put in a tutorial or how to play
There is a bug that if you drag the character very quickly, you can just go through all the enemies and it will not register a collision.

Yeah I actually had a Tutorial section in mobile version but I haven’t put it in web version, I’ll add it in the next update :slight_smile: with configuration settings.

And I didn’t have idea about that bug but I’ll see what’s happening there to fix it

Thanks for your feedback!

This one is a quick update.

I just added English support to the interface and dialogues.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll bring a more exciting one!

until next update!

Finally New Build, New Mode!

It took me more time than I expected but here it is the last mode that I was going to add.

It still needs some aesthetic improvment but it’s playable now, From here it will be easier for me to add new content such as: items, Power Ups and Chapters.

You can show it some love at game jolt:

Before adding more stuffs I will adapt it for it launch in Play Store and then I’ll start updating content.

until next time!

Couple of bugs:
I had a go at defense mode and when I was on ~65 coins I got hit by an enemy and the game froze.
If you move really quickly through an enemy on survival mode, the single enemy will get multiple hits before dying.

Also, chapter 1 on HQ mode is way too long and I think the upgrades are much too expensive.

Hi thanks for the feedback, I’ll try fixing those bugs before I continue working in other stuffs.

And about the prices I already made them less expensive. It can help me If you are able to tell what’s the average coins you get per play season so I can find a better cost :slight_smile: I’ll appreciate it a lot

Thanks agaim for the feedback (^_^)/

Finally! my app was accepted in Play Store :slight_smile:

But before going any further I want to run a Beta Test of the app because I want to deliver a simple but fun app.

If you are interested in give me some constructive feedback and have and android smartphone you can send me a gmail account mail via private message and I’ll include you in beta testing.

I have been fixing bugs in the web version of this game and I should update a new build in game jolt soon :slight_smile:


The game is available now on Play Store, you can check it here: … arcodeelar

I’ll continue improving it as time goes :slight_smile:

Hey, well done :slight_smile:

I have just noticed you have published your game as Gelo Studio, I did a quick search and doesn’t seems like it is
a registered trademark, of course I could be wrong, maybe the database I was searching was not up to date but in case you are pretend you are Gelo Studio without being registered the trademark Gelo Studio you can get in to trouble :neutral_face:

You can’t pretend you are something if you are not, it is illegal. Otherwise people could start using well known trademarks such as Microsoft, Epic Games, McDonalds.

So, just to warn you, if Gelo Studio is not your registered trademark, you need to register it as soon as possible or you need to publish you game as individual person using your real civilian name especially if you are about to make or collect money as Gelo Studio.

Hi :slight_smile: thanks for the advice.

I did some research and I didn’t found any other game studio working as Gelo Studio, I also read the Google PlayStore Policy about impersonification and I was in rule. I’m also working in register the studio here in my contry (but it take some time… actually it’s holy week in here and they take a complete week as holiday…) because my idea it’s to start a small game studio but I also did not publish it with my name because of security reason here in my country :frowning: Just google about San Pedro Sula, Honduras and you may get an idea, I feel more secure by not placing my real name everywhere and people start thinking that I’m making big bucks when I’m not and that can cause me troubles, in my country it’s a good idea to have a low profile.

Anyways thanks for your advice It’s important for me to get some feedback specially because I’m new at this :slight_smile: