Mobile Joystick Example (Beta)

Hey guys I was working on a procedural mobile joystick example for 2 days :grimacing:. I have a plan to make a tutorial about this :blush:. So finally it is working fine for me and I have some plan to add multitouch support to this example but I am stuck with some ridicules bugs :disappointed_relieved:.At this point I need someones help for this project.
Example Link


@Bouh I need some help from you :disappointed_relieved:…can you give a look on this project please?

Hello Ruhan,
I’m so sorry but I’m not able to help you :cold_sweat:

I can only describe my experience and my opinion.

I tested it on PC and it works well.
I tried to compile it but it was impossible. So in reasource window I deleted all missing item (example cube) and than it was possible to create the apk file.
I tested it on mobile (Samsung A40).
First of all, when you press the blue cube, the “create object” on ScreenWidth()/2 doesn’t work on mobile (it works on PC) and the player appairs on the left of the sceen.

I can confirm you that the multitouch doesn’t work. Example: if I move on the left with the joystick 2 and press everywhere (second tap) the slider follow the x of the second tap and not the first. It seems that the program releveate the second finger as unique finger.I suppose that the game doesn’t recognize the multitouch so the last tap is the only tap.

I know that it can’t help you but it’s all that I can do.

Did you inspect the multitouch example? :slight_smile:

Hmm multi touch feature is currently not available in the extension yet. That’s why I had post this topic.The file you have downloaded has some example of what kind of joystick you can make with this extension non of them doesn’t support multi-touch :disappointed_relieved:.

I did’t know that before. Thanks :blush:

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I am still stuck on how to implement multi-touch support to this extension…:sob:any help will be kind.

Hey I have doubt, how did you made the stick like it could not go out of that circular background, please tell me, I have tested the example but couldn’t figure it out.

This action do this

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Thanks, I really don’t know how to do this

To center the block:
block position:

The trick is to use CameraWidth and not ScreenWidth

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Thank you very much :blush: This might fix the problem.

About multituch I hope to offer you a solution soon. I suppose to know how to manage it but I haven’t time to write the code :frowning:

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A present for you and for all friends:


Thanks a lot jumpingj for your support.It means a lot to me . I hope now I can start to implement multitouch support for this extension.:grinning::blush::relaxed:

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I hope to call your extension soon.

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i have the same problem as you and i can’t solve.
I would like to create two joysticks but when I am moving the player and I touch a part of the screen it creates problems with the touch
could you give me a hand please I’m going crazy!
thank you

did you verify my project ?