Mobile Setting space distribution

Hello all,
I’m going crazy. I want to create a mobile game generating the apk .
In my game there is a background and 3 pawns. I setted Origin and Center Point in the center of image.

The game settings width is 768.

My desire is to enlarge the background image in all the screen (fullscreen mode) and distribute the pawns in this way:
divide the screen with 7 pieces (example with a mobile screen of 994 pixel is 994/7= 142
Force Height and width of the pawn with the result 142
and distribute the pawn in this way:

free space (142 pixels) - pawn1 - free space - pawn2 - free space -pawn3-free space

I’m really going crazy. On the preview it works but on mobile not.

Preview on PC:




The fullscreen doesn’t work.
The ScreenWidth is 360. Why ?
The phone in a A40 Samsung ( 1080x2280 pixels )

Thanks for your help,

Maybe the width is not updated in time because “at the beginning”, or because it needs some interaction to update.
Focus on getting a correct value for PownDimension, then the rest will fix itself. :slight_smile: