Mod support?

If I make a game in GDevelop, will it be possible for players to create mods? I haven’t really seen anything regarding mod support, so I’m curious if games made in this engine are able to support mods. Sorry if it’s a stupid question (and if I posted this on the wrong part of the forums), I just love mods and it’d be really cool if games made here could support modding as well.

I thought about this too but as far as I understand the engine does not really support this. You can externalize large parts of your game into xml files that players could modify, yes. So having a game where player can mod properties of the game should be possible.

But as far as I can tell, beyond that it gets difficult. I might be mistaken but I don’t see any way for GDevlop games to draw images/sound and the like from external files, let alone define properties like col masks and point on this images from external sources. So unless you add in these images and create objects for them within GDevelop players won’t get excess to them. Also the GDevelop games can’t change images associated with objects beyond basic “draw on”, so even if modders could add resourced, they would have no way of wiring them into the game.

Predefined modding stuff like a level editor that can save maps/levels as files and allows to load and share them around could be doable though. And of course you could always give player access to the source project, but that’s super fishy from a businessman perspective. But If you have a popular game that’s free anyway and people want to mod it, you cold always consider it. Not really what people thing of when modding is concerned, but still an option.

Thank you for answering! I understand, oh well, xml files might do I guess. Would be cool if modding somehow becomes fully supported in the future but if it doesn’t it still seems like a really nice engine. Hoping to make a game either way, just wanted to know about mod support before fully making one. Thank you for the quick and informational answer again!