Monetizing on the android store

What are some pros and cons of monetizing methods for the android store?
I am thinking of having a resource you spend real $ on to unlock character abilities. The idea is that eventually the game becomes too difficult without these abilities, so you get stuck. The player then watches a few ads to get gems, unlock some abilities with them, and continue on your way.

Is there a better method, or is this fine?

If that is ad supported mix with freemium model of monetization: To me it would be important to make players see they can play the game without spending money or watching ads. But that the game also offers some items that might make the game experience a little more enjoyable or special for them, with a purchase or rewarded ad. These items depends on what the players want. Power ups? Gems? Extra lives? Customization? Limited time Holiday themed items? Unlock Extreme Mode?? You have to find out what appeals to the people that play your game.

I think I would not be very pleased if I downloaded a free game but then found out I had to pay or watch ads to progress.

These are just open ideas though, I don’t monetize anything right now because 1) I can’t figure out how to set up the Payment Profile as an individual not business and 2) I have not created anything that is so fun that people enjoy playing it regularly and often. My motto of the moment is: “First make it work. Then make it fun. Then make it monetized.” And I’m still stuck on “make it fun”… (and sometimes “make it work”…)

So far my testers have enjoyed my game, and it’s close to being done as far as mechanics and content. I have been enjoying GDevelop for being easy to troubleshoot and get rid of bugs!

Monetizing mechanics really is my next step.
Thanks for your input!

So you’re saying a built in semi grindy but free way to play is gonna be better than ad only unlocks? My issue is that I want to, you know, make money from the game.

Most people, if given a choice between grinding and watching an ad to get there faster, are probably going to watch the ad. I’m only saying that it’s probably nice to give the players the perception that they have a choice. Then again, some players enjoy grinding because it gives them a feeling of accomplishment. In that case maybe your approach would be the wiser way to go.

It’s a great philosophical Pandora’s Box, lol.
I am also toying with the idea of having gem gains per level if you buy a one time pass. say $1.99.
That way players can access everything with a one time purchase and then watch ads to just speed it up. But either way I am guaranteed ads OR the purchase from every player who want’s to get past stage 10 or 15.

Unless the game is captivating that you can’t put down and must play just one more level, this tactic will fall over because most won’t be interested in progressing.

Focus less on making money, and more on creating a game experience that players will really enjoy and want to be part of. Building a base of followers or players will pay better in the long run than being a fly-by-nighter only interested in making a quick profit.

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what’s your suggested balance then?

I do agree that long term I want brand loyalists over simple cash.

I really like MrMen’s thoughts on the subject. I don’t think they should deter you from wanting to earn while you learn or experiment with monetization. That experience will probably be invaluable later on. Not just for you but you will probably be able to offer great advice from what you’ve learned. But as he said, focus on creating those great games.