Monitoring Live Action in GDevelop possible?

Hello everyone

Is it possible in gdevelop to observe exactly what is being processed, for example, when you press the left mouse button?

So it’s really live monitoring, which variables are being adjusted at that moment, which animations are being changed, etc.

Is there something like that?
Where can I find that?


Action: Log a message to console
Message: Whatever you want to log

Now use “Start preview with debugger” and run that event

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Hello Reborn,

for me it seems, this action really just writes the typed in Message into the log, but not what happened overall through this event I want to monitor.
Or do I find more Infos anywhere else? Maybe Im just blind…

Theres no such thing as monitoring events, what you can do is logging a variable before changing it, and then logging it afterwards, the same for animation, etc

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