MONTHLY FEE Gdevelop 5

Hallo Gdevelop users and Gdevelop team,

I would like to upgrade my account and pay the monthly fee,
but I see only one payment solution with a credit card.
I do not have a credit card and I can’t afford a credit card.
Is it possible to pay the monthly fee with a paypal account?

Thanks for your help :yellow_heart:

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You can use Google Pay, I use this method.

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Thank you for your quick reply.
unfortunately the Google Pay App is not available in the Play Store for the country Netherland.
That is very strange !
Anyway, have a nice day.

Ahh!! sorry for that. I don’t know other way maybe @Gruk @arthuro555 or @Bouh can tell another way to pay your subscription.

you need to pay for a credit card i nerver know for me i nerver did

You’ll need to ask @4ian as he is the only one with access to that part of the code.

We’re using Stripe for all payments. If you don’t have a debit/credit card nor Google Pay, you can also contact me by DM so that I can set up your account with an indie or pro plan after you’ve sent a paypal.

We now support PayPal :slight_smile:

Hi 4ian,
I am new to all this. How can I DM you ?
Do you mean that I just need to reply to your message I got in my e.mailbox ?

Send me a private message on the forum :slight_smile:

But how do I do that. I can’t see a button that indicates to send a message privately?

Just click on the 4ian name and select Message

I do not see any Message Button above the “2 posts in topic”

I tried to fix that. Do you see it now?

Finally I can see it. Thank you Arthuro555