More documentation please?

I wish I could post in the French section of the forum, but I am afraid that, if I do so, I will make a lot of mistakes, since I can understand French very well, but my abilities to speak/write in French are very limited, due to lack of practice. Feel free to answer in French though :wink:

First of all, thank you for this great piece of software. I was recently looking for a tool like Game Develop, and I was actually disappointed by most of them, mostly because of the poor functionality and/or the very annoying thing they claim they are “free” only to advertise “premium accounts” or “subscriptions”. Apparently, Game Develop is not like that. It is free (as in “freedom”, “beer”), has a lot of features, and runs smoothly most of the time (I had a few crashes here and there, but nothing really important). I especially liked the fact it is based on Free software for everything, including compression, video support, etc.

Now, if there is a thing that it is really missing, that’s the documentation. Built-in help is very limited at the moment, both in French and English, and most of Game Develop’s features are not apparent to the user. For example, I needed quite some time to realize that converting a number to a string is done by the function VariableString, or that to concatenate strings it is enough to use the “+” operator, such as “Game”+“Develop”. I guess that, even though I am using Game Develop a lot the last days, I am still not aware of most of the functions I can use for scripting. The built-in examples help to realize things, but a more serious user would definitely need a decent built-in help, providing information about all available functions. I am afraid that, as it is now, many users will give up using game Develop early, just because of the lack of documentation. So, I would like to ask if you are planning to improve the built-in help. In my humble opinion, improving the documentation and fixing bugs should be the first priority in the current stage of the project.

Again, congratulations on your great software, and keep up the good work!


No, you need to use the function ToString(NUMBER) to convert NUMBER to a string.
VariableString is used to provide the content of a variable as string. (Variable provides it as number).

The expression editor has a list which contains all the function with a description. (to open it, you can use the button near the textarea of a parameter).

You are right, that was a typo, actually.

Sorry, but I’m not sure I can find a list of functions with description in Game Develop. By 'expression editor", I guess you mean the window entitled “Edit the expression”, activated when you click on the Greek “Sigma” button, on the right of any parameter field. Well, the only thing I see there is a list of basic math operations and functions, as well as lists of object properties and special values. There is no list of available functions or descriptions.

Sorry, by saying description, I wanted to say a list of properties and special values.
But, for example, VariableString() is in this list (in the TEXT expression editor).

(sorry, I can make some english mistakes)

Indeed, available functions for manipulating strings are listed in the text editor. That way, I just realized there are functions like StrAt and SubStr. Thank you for letting m know.
However, I doubt most users will be able to find that information easily. It would be nice if all functions available would be in the Help, even if it was with only a short description.

Feel free to answer in French, if needed. Je comprends presque tout :wink:

Concerning expression editing, I thought that users would be able to find ToString by themselves, as this function is available in the expression editor ( Special values > Conversion > Convert into a number ).
More generally, I assumed that, as a lot of things ( Actions, conditions, objects… ) provide description and information about them inside Game Develop, users only needed help concerning basis. For example, for the network extension, there is some help about how network data transfers works, but no specific documentation for each action and condition of the extension.

The fact is that it is a lot of work to make sure documentation remains up to date. ( And that is why I like the fact that conditions and actions provide their own description inside Game Develop ).
If I improve documentation, I will put the stress on how things work and on the most important actions/conditions/expressions.

But you’re right, it is not the first time someone tell me that Game Develop documentation could be improved. I will try to enhance the help file. Tell me if you think that a subject should be more documented in priority.

Merci beaucoup pour ton message en tout cas :slight_smile:

I think a list of all available functions with short description would be very useful. I’ll gladly help by translating such a list in English, if it exists in French somewhere.

I volunteer to help with documentation too; I’m not French though.

I’m afraid you are 9 years too late. But you can always go on the wiki and add articles or correct existing ones.

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