More questions about admob test ads

Hello again, more questions about test ads since they changed with the last update.
First of all, I was testing my game on my phone, I’m using test ad units and the app ID from my admob account, but when I went to have a test ad play I got a random looking ad for something called callpass. At the top it still had the “test ad” sign, but other than that it looked like it was just a random real ad. Anyone else see that specific ad and can verify that it’s actually a test ad? (i’m really jumpy about this sort of stuff because I’ve already been banned and then unbanned on admob because of my confusion regarding how test ads work in gdevelop).

My other question is in regards to the new test mode event. Originally, you would tick test mode in the event where a video is loaded, but now it’s separate. Is it sufficient to just add that to the beginning of a scene? I had it set up to load a video so long as one wasn’t already loaded, I’m wondering if the test mode event needs to repeat every time a video is loaded?