Mouse and cursor issues - Scenes quickly skips on touch and test on Android touch functions not working


I have worked on a simple game - click the correct answer, get a score which adds up to the global score and change to the next scene which is another question.

I have encountered two issues. Please help.

  1. When I click on the correct answer on Scene 1, it answers correctly, gets a score and skips multiple scenes before it stops. I won’t have the opportunity to answer the questions it skips.
    The command I have across all slides are:

  1. I downloaded file to apk to test on android and I could not get the controls to work at all. The first scene shows but not responding to touch controls even if you touch the correct answer. Picture of game is below. Adopted same for other scenes, up to 20

Problem 1: set a global variable (for example touching) to 1 when you touch an answer. In each scene do a set global variable to 0 when touch is released. Add as condition for the buttons (or in your case masks?) Global variable touching = 0.
Problem 2: remove the first event.

Thank you arthuro555

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