Mouse/Touch Swipe issue

this video explains it but how would i make it so my player dont go right when i press left click on mouse (i added + 100 t my swipe thing then the player goes right when i press left click on mouse)

video link: Dropbox - File Deleted

So I’ve not messed with Mouse movement/detection at all, so take this with a grain of salt:

Try not using the “xnew” variable. I think something may be going weird with how it’s being set. Try instead using the Compare 2 Numbers condition, with one being xold, and the other being MouseX() + 100.


Not a lot of ideas based off my limited knowledge, but I hope the above works.

Also, you might want to update the thread title to be specifically what your question is about (“Mouse Swipe and Touch Swipe issues” or something). Most forum goers don’t read every thread, and just skim titles. Here specifically people may not pop in if they don’t know they can help.

hmmm k illl try it


it makes it worser for me

oooo i forgot to do something lol

but it dont fix noting

Again, you’ll need to change your title in order for more people to be able to help. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about mouse movement to be more helfpul.

I fixed your thread title - I hope.

Unfortunately, can’t help with the actual problem though.

Good luck!

thank you for change it