Mouse trap

How to make mouse trap? I.e. like in FPS. I’ve thought I’ll make ring menu for Gravicannon. Option will be selected by moving mouse left and right and activated using mouse click. But for that I need mouse trap, so if player will move mouse continously to the right, he won’t move it outside of window.

There are actions to center the mouse or event to set it a specific position.
You only need to, at each frame :
-Check the difference between the current mouse position and the center of the window. ( That will give you how the mouse moved : You can use this to move an object for example ).
-Put back the mouse at the center of the window using the appropriate actions.

OK, thanks. By the way, could you make it so when there are new messages in specific forum, the title will be red as it was in previous layout? Currently color of “new posts” forum/thread are similar to color of “no new posts” forum/thread, so it is kinda hard to see if there’s something new or not. Red would be good, I think.

//edit: Hm… This code:

doesn’t work - the camera object goes to the left even if I move mouse right or leave it still. What I’m doing wrong?