Move character between the same objects

Hello, I have this little problem, maybe someone could help. Lets say I have “building” object and “character” object. I have many buildings on the map and I want to spawn character on random building - so far I have no problem - using the “pick random object” and “create objet” actions, but then I need to move character to another random building - that is where I problem starts, my character wont move. I thing there should be some relative easy solution for this but somehow Im not able to come with it…

Can you provide a screen snip of your events? It’s hard to work out what’s going on without seeing them.

yes, sorry I should have done that first… Here it is:

I wonder if the pick random isn’t so random?

What happens if you add a condition to the second event - inverted Character01 in collision with Housing01? This will select all housing01 objects the character isn’t on, and select a random one from that.

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You might also choose the pick random condition, instead of the action. I vaguely remember there being a difference between how the pocking works between all of the pick conditions and actions but don’t remeber what.

The action may only work if there is already an object list. But I could be wrong

I tried that but but it did not work, but could be potentially very useful for me, I was not aware you can use collision this way…are you sure i can really be used like this? Thanks so much for suggestion for anyway!

Yes, thank you! Using “pick random” as condition really helped, although I really dont understand how it works… This is my solution so far

Only problem remains that once there is more than one character, it does not work… But I think Ill figure that out…