Move cursor when touching the screen not working

Version: 5.2.175

If some virtual control like walk(dpad sprite) on android is long pressed, the cursor changes the position to that touch, making even when you release the touch to continue to give commands, a short touch doesn’t change the position, just a long one. All the examples of games are with the same issue.

All my 3 projects where working before this update, now the after some touch commands its like the function its deactevated and doesn’t work anymore.

Hi @RockLeaf I confirm there seems to be an issue with long presses on Android.
We’re currently looking into it but no solution yet => Android Phone vibrates after a long click · Issue #5724 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

I’ll keep you updated here on progress on the bugfix.


Glad to hear Clement, Thank you guys for the suppoprt! :people_hugging:

The source of the problem has been found and will be fixed in next release very shortly :+1: (5.2.176)

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