Move Resources between projects

So, I am trying to create several games in one setting.

An auto battler, a trainer, and right now a platformer. I go between each one a I learn one thing and hit a roadblock in another. However they all use the same stat system.

I use a system I developed that fits the theme of my world called Shadow system. This whole thing is still a work in progress.

Soul: Powers extraordinary abilities
Health: Amount of damage a character can sustain
Agility: Movement speed and number of actions of character
Defense: Competence in negating damage
Offense: Competence in attacking
Wisdom: Number of unique abilities

Anyways, as I get better at this I will be reusing things over and over again as I restart projects. Is there a way to incorporate all of my efforts of a previous project or do I need to pull in the resources each time and then make one the way I want it then duplicate the sprite object a bunch before going back and changing the image. This way all the variables will be there and I will just need to go back and add the individual animations.

I’m still so new to all of this so literally any tips will help.

Hopefully this made some sense to someone else.