Move the Scene Variables / global variables over to the Event sheet

i find it very difficult to believe that beginners will know to look for scene variables all the way over in the scene properties drop down menu. even when following examples is it not often mentioned that there are also Global variables involved so global variables should also be more visible.

Can we get a little section above the event sheet that list the Global variables and Scene variables. this section can also allow you to create them as well. Just seems like it would keep these items more organized and consistent with the event sheet.

also i am not sure if function’s and Behaviors can be exported with Scene Variables since they are placed in this location ← (Someone please correct me if i am wrong.


Everything about variables and how to access them is in the wiki. Creating/viewing a scene variable is accessible numerous ways, and more information is available here: Scene variables [GDevelop wiki]

There is some discussion around building a guided tour for first time use, but I don’t think it’ll teach variable creation, just describe what each panel does in the scene editor.

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Thanks for the reference. I guess i was hoping for a quick visual reference of what scene and global variable were established by users. So users could keep track of them. I figured the top of the event sheet would be a good place to list these variables after they were created.

Thought this approach would help streamline the process for users a bit.

But thanks again for all of the references you have supplied