Movement and attack of enemies

hi all guys i am having a hard time creating a ranged strike system for my ranged enemies.
in my game there are 2 types of enemies

  1. ranged enemies
  2. melee enemies
    I am currently using this system but when the enemies are in the firing area the attack animation is repeated and restarted at 1 frame, as if the boolean variable attack was not calculated.

Hi, in the sub-event that sets your “attack” animation (first condition: skin is not flashing), you probably need a ‘Trigger once while true’ - condition, otherwise the conditions are constantly checked and your animation is not playing more than the first frame.

even activating “trigger once” the animation stops at the first frame.
the animation restarts as long as the boolean variable is true

I see, I hope someone else chimes in and can give a suggestion on how to solve this problem. I had a small test project and no issues with your basic settings, but your project is more complicated and initially I did not realize that you are moving your enemies with the pathfinding-behavior.

do you think the problem is pathfinding? please guys help me