Movement behavior problem

forgive a really trivial question … but I can’t figure it out …
I want to get an object to chase another object at a certain distance ok ?? and so far no problem … the point is that the object in question has the top down behavior … how can I get this result without inserting the add force command but with the top down?
with add force I am not very happy … because it is not a behavior … and I cannot manage all the movements at best …

thank you in advance

I would recommend using force but if not I guess you could use your distance condition and then simulate topDown controls. This uses the stick but you could simulate any type. Again, I don’t love this approach.

tnk… not is a way… i need to stop and go object use only top down behavior…

Sorry, had to edit.

I think the action I posted does that. It simulates the moving of the topDown stick. You could also simulate the pressing of the direction keys.

If enemy.X() <target.X() | simulate right key
or some other way to calculate movement.

Heyo i have a movement problem as well however the problem is a platformer enemy . so here’s the problem as demonstrated in code the object has an applied permanent force on it along with simulating the platform movement of the object it works well at first but after a while the object stops moving after a while. At first the collision blocks had the platform object behaviour but it gets in the players way. Is there any other way to make the enemy move aside from adding forces? I tried using simulation of movement keys but they are not working