Movement control on iPhone

Hello, I have an exported game as HTML 5, placed on the net. It works perfectly on all desktops and browsers, even on Android. But it’s bad on the iPhone. Movement control is almost impossible, it reacts hardly and slowly. And background music will start playing after the first round, not from the beginning. I dont know where is problem… Here is testing version of the game

Different operating systems and browsers handle things differently.
I think we have some known issues with Safari.
No music at the beginning is a classic, you’ll find many topics about that issue.
For the general lag, maybe it’s related to some layer effects, if you’re using them.
Maybe you can show us the events you use for mobile controls.

This is a known issue with iOS14. Something about the browser conflicting with Pixi. Hopefully a ix is in the works…but until then we’re out of luck on iOS14.