Movement from one point to another.


I’m a newbie here and have trouble with movements. I tried to create movement from one point to another. My code is pretty simple, but the object “enemy” moves abnormally. What’s wrong? I can’t understand.

in the folder of program, the folder tutorial, you have see the tutorial?

Yes, but “add a force” didn’t help me to move object from one point to another. It just pushed it without restriction. After checking “BasicPathfinding.gdg” in example folder I tried to use an expression like this: (40 KB)

Still abnormal movement.
Would you mind compiling and see yourself? This is source (not beautiful, but… :slight_smile: ).

Maybe, bug? I don’t know. :confused:


To move an object from a point to another, you can simply use an action in the “All objects > Movement” categorie.

There is no such category. :astonished:

“All objects > Displacement”.

The pathfinding shoud be used only to fin a path in a labyrinth for example.

I create the new project with two sprites and checked “Add a force so as to move to a position”. It works! Then return to my first project, remove automatisms and… it also works.

It appears that automatisms is not necessary for movement. :slight_smile:

Yes, the automatism you were using is for finding a path to go to a point and avoid obstacles.