Movement Left or Right

how do i move left and right my Static Character Brick ?

Welcome to GDevelop. I recommend reading the documentation here to get started.


I did but i can put platform in the scene

osrry for double post actually i want to make simple brick game where brick as character can move only Left and Right only

in the editor:


In the event editor:


then do the same for left key


Thanks for your response now, now few things happen

  1. when i did left my brick go to left side and then fall down
    after this i did same things with keyboard right after this my brick not moving Left or right

you have to use 2 seperate events for each key.

I already did

no you did not. that is 1 event in your screenshot.
you need to have 1 event for each key.
look closely. you see there is a light grey bottom that says add a new event.
click it, and then move the right key action and condition to the new event.

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You didn’t, you need to seperate each event for every action you make, to make it move.
Left Key Pressed | Simulate pressing Left for P1
and then make new event
Right Key Pressed | Simulate pressing Right for P1

Maybe you can try to read GDevelop Documentation to learn the basic.

  • If you need help about making platformer game you can read this documentation.

Thanks Its Works left and right movement works but now problem is my
Object is not visible on my scene
see below attachment for Object

you have to drag your new object into the scene.
in your screenshot there is only P1 in the scene not PL

Please read the tutorials/documentations, at this rate you are gonna have alot of questions, basikly for every single thing you do.
you have to learn the basics.