Movement sounds for platformer


What is the soluce for heard a movement sound only one time.

For exemple, when I chose a sound for my platformer when he is running, it never stop to start a new one for all the time I’ m moving.


There is a ‘trigger once’ condition.
Please follow the beginner tutorials and take a look at the game starters, instead of asking such basic questions.

I’ve read a beginner tutorial and finish it.

I have understand lot of things but the answer to my question is not in.

I can’t read all the beginners tutorial wich are exist.

And I’ m french and English langage is not mine.

An explain could be a good idea for help me.

I have a very great experience in photography and i allways answer to help the beginners.

Sometimes questions can be solve with a RTFM. It’s not my politic.


As I said, you need to use the Trigger once condition.
By the way, this forum has a French section, feel free to use it. :wink:

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It’s ok for the jump. Thank you.

I have not try with run, but I think I have to put time conditions if y want the game repeat the sound.

I have others problems I can’t solve.

  • Android conversion dont work properly but in html it’s ok (but not with smartphone).

  • I can’t make the scene all long I want. I have horizontal an vertical limits and the cursor don’t wank to go after.

  • When my platformer die I wan’t to have a delay before he be back at the check point and I have trie lot of soluces with timers with no results…

It’s a hard way to learn, but I love it.

French forum is empty and I have never answer. It’s a good reason to work my bad english.

You’ll have to add the events for X & Y scrolling - I put mine in an external event sheet so I could just link it to any of my scenes that need it instead of duplicating everything.

Check out this example:

You’ll want to put the same events for “parallax camera scrolling” in your game - it will work without the rest unless you need that too. It only shows for X (horizontal), but you can make it do vertical scrolling as well by copying those same events and adjusting the actions for Y.

Thank you for help Phelomena.

I have understand with it what I have to do for move the layers. It’s perfect.

But my problem is not this one. My problem is I can’t make a big scene, but only a small one.

I can scroll the screen only on a few distance.