Moving an External Layout objects

I have made my Player out of three objects (The player, and two objects that follows the player)

I made it in an external layout so I dont have to remember to include all three object in each level.

I have then made a PlayerSpawnPoint object. When a scene begins the player layout objects are created. Next, I move the player to the position of the PlayerSpawnObject.
But I cant get it to work. The player always starts at the center of the scene (where he is created).
I have other external objects that I move after spawn so I dont know why this dosnt.?

Add the Change position action into a sub-event.
Externally loaded objects are not yet available in the same event, in which they were created.


Are thanks. Got it to work.
How ever there is a brief moment when the player is loaded into the level1 scene and then moved to the PlayerSpawnPoint. It looks like a wierd jump.

I am guessing this is because the External Player scene is just the standard scene size so the player object spawn in the center of the level 1 scene before being moved.
I am hoping that making the external player scene the same size as the player object it will solve the weird jump.

I am basically using the external scene as an “object builder” where I build my player out of two sprites objects and a particle object. I hobe that is not a wrong path to go down?