Moving Object (Soccer Goalie) Back and Forth?

How do I…

Move an object back and forth permanently in a specified area with objects acting as walls for the moving object.

What is the expected result

The object should move in a straight horizontal fashion between two walls and once collided with one wall it should move back to the other and vice versa. This should be a permanent thing without ending.

What is the actual result

According to the YouTube video I watched which shows it moving with the same events I have, it is not moving at all.

Related screenshots

Project files (optional)

Will upload if requested.

You need to apply an initial force. It could be from a click or at the start of scene using the condition [at the beginning of the scene] with an action to apply force in either direction.

I think your events are reversed though. You need, if collision with GoalieBarrier2scene1 add a force toward the other goal (GoalieBarrier1scene1) and vice versa.