MS-DOS compatible game export

Im retro player, so it will be cool if gdevelop 5 had a feature to msdos compatible export.

Hello retro player! =)
This game engine is based on HTML5 technology.
To export under MS-DOS, you need to completely create a new kernel that allows this.

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Ookay, so we will not see that feature in next years… But how about 3D world creation feature? Are they gonna add it?

Nope. GDevelop is a 2D engine. If you are hoping for something with full 3D support you need to look at a different engine.

For something 3D with a visual scripting language I would recommend CopperCube.


It is not possible because the graphics engine GDevelop is using require modern hardware.

Just wondering do you play on actual hardware running MS-DOS?
If that’s the case, how many people do you think is out there using actual classic hardware and not a DOS emulator?

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im using dosbox emulator