multi-platform compile indipendent from system

the compile for windows, mac , linux , windows mobile, android, ipad , ipod. It is very difficult, but it’s good for play games everywhere.
And another thing is the possibility to compile for any platform from any system, for example compile windows exe in linux. this program is very good. I ,recently, see the program that have this feature (that from linux create all standalone), but not is intuitive like this.

Ipad, Android, etc… are in Java. And game develop (windows) is in C++ (or C i’m not sure :/)

But; compil game for linux/windows with windows/linux it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

the program that i have found is in c++, from linux i have the option to compile for all plattform, only android request to istall sdk.

Main language used when writing applications for Ipad ( and IOs in general ) is Objective C, not Java.
C++ can be used on Android even if Java remains the mainly used.
In any case, the issue is not really C++, which can be used on nearly any platform, but the fact that some libraries ( SFML in particular, used for the rendering ) used by GD are not available on these mobile devices, for now at least.