Multilanguage forum branch and wiki

  • Is it possible do add another forum branch: “Multilanguage forum” where users can talk in other languages.
  • How to create a wiki page in non-english/non-french language? (Can not create a page like this, for example:

It’s something that would be cool but it would be hard to moderate and I want to be sure to fully understand conversations on the forum in case something goes wrong (forum owners have some obligations related to the law and I want to be sure to be able to read anything).
But I can easily add links to redirect to any “non official” forum related to GD (that would be in this case “almost official” forums :smiley:) : these links would be displayed just as the forums categories like now, except that when clicking on it users would be redirected to the Russian/Spanish/… forum.

The same goes for the wiki: I prefer to only have to maintain the English and French forum because I speak both languages and is able to update any page. But any non official wiki in another language is welcome and I’ll add a link to it! :slight_smile:

If you feel that you could setup for example a Russian forum for GD, feel free to do so and I’ll add the link to it! :mrgreen:

I could help moderating Polish section should you make one.