Multiplayer camera problem

I know that’s why I never gave the owner ship of camera 1 to noone

So have just the one camera1 object in the scene and stick it to the car object the player has ownership of.

i got it

But now the camera wont follow

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I’m watching a multiplayer tutorial that the Gem Dev put out recently, featuring a 3D Tank Shooter game he also did a tutorial about.

To set up the camera to follow each player he did this:

and it looks very nice. The beginning of the tutorial did show a Third Person Camera extension, but anyway my point is maybe you don’t need to keep sticking the camera to anything and changing its x back to the same spot. Maybe it is something simple like the Gem Dev did.


Hmm…Thanks! I’ll try this as soon as I can .

Make sure you have this event with the camera actions as a stand alone event, not as a subevent of any other event, and without any conditions:


After watching the video I realized that there is no way to rotate the camera and make it stay behind the car. Since I’m making a car game I want the camera to stay at the side of the car that’s why I decided to use a camera which would be stuck at the back side of the car. sorry but this is not what I’m looking for.